Receive CSE support at
short notice during difficult
maintenance issues.
Competitive installation
and qualification of your Fab
metrology equipment
including tool process matching.
Comprehensive CSE
maintenance & applications
training packages, take back
control of your equipment.
Semiconductor Equipment Support & Training
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Selection of surplus OEM
spare parts & networked with various 2nd source suppliers.
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KLA Tencor Overlay: 5300 / Archer / A200 / A300 / A500
KLA Tencor Brightfield:  21XX  / 235X  / 236X / 28XX
KLA Tencor Darkfield: AIT 1 / 2 / 3 / XP / UV / XUV
KLA Tencor Defect: SP1 / SP2 / SP3
KLA Tencor Darkfield: PUMA 91XX / 95XX / 96XX / 98XX
KLA Tencor Films: ASET-F5 / F5x / SpectraFX 100 & 200
KLA Tencor Overlay Platform Remanufacturing

PSL Metrology provide factory level KLA Tencor overlay system refurbishments including all major assemblies and components. 

Our ex-OEM factory trained experts have a proven track record in complete system rebuilds, to AS NEW condition. 12 months warranty is provided with all our remanufactured systems.      
KLA Tencor  KLA Tencor:  Keithley Quantox